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Full Version: Own new posts will be marked as unread
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I have often the problem that when I start a topic or write a post, then this topic is marked as unread. How can I solve this?

I use the current version of MyBB (1.8.12)
Can you elaborate a little more? Every new post to a thread will then make it unread until the latest reply has been seen. Do you mean that you (as the user) create a thread, then it appears as unread?
(10-02-2017, 12:55 AM)Nasyr Wrote: [ -> ]Do you mean that you (as the user) create a thread, then it appears as unread?

Yes, that's right. It appears as unread although I have written it. That's strange. It doesn't matter if I answer with the Quick Replybox or directly with the "New Reply" button. It happens anyway, especially in (sub)-subforums.

Could plugins be the cause of this?

These are all plugins I use: Awaiting Activation Message, Moderator Notice, Away Member List, Custom User Permissions, MyBB Default Avatar Fix, Date of Birth on Registration, DVZ Location Privacy, DVZ Mentions, MyCode Plugin: Internal Linking, Lightbox 2, Mood Manager, Two Factor Authentication, MyBot, ABP Notice MyCode, Page Manager, Profile Pictures, Profile Visitors, ProPortal, Puppet Master, Showteam Disabled, Social Sites, Spoiler MyCode, Style Usernames, Tapatalk, ThreadStarter, ToDo-List, While you were typing
I've solved this problem with the help of the German support. In the settings was the option "Attempt to Mark Parent Forums as Read", which should have been active, but it was not for me.
It is deaktivated as default in mybb, since the way they are handle it is realy process consuming and not optimize coded. You can just enable it like you did. If you run a small forum there is no problem with activating it.

But if you activate this option on the big forum with a few k visits a hour this will slow down or brick the server, thats the reason why its even not active on it self.