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Full Version: Quote dateline bug
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Whenever I reply with a quote, the dateline is somehow shifted, for example, it shows "()1 hour ago" or "(, 1:31)Today". 
Where can I edit this and make it looks normal?
This is a known bug in version 1.8.12. The upcoming release of 1.8.13 will fix this problem.
Okay, thank you very much then, will look forward to the next update! Will there be a notification or something similar or do I have to search for it manually then?

There will be a notification in the Admin CP, we will also create a post on the MyBB Blog, where you can subscribe for email updates (see the right side for the "Follow MyBB Blog via Email" heading).
The fix that will be included in 1.8.13 can be also applied manually by editing inc/functions_post.php:
It shows me these 2 at github:
$attachdate = my_date('relative', $attachment['dateuploaded']);
$attachdate = my_date('normal', $attachment['dateuploaded']);

But in my functions_post is the following code:
$attachdate = date($mybb->settings['dateformat'], $attachment['dateuploaded']) . " - " . date($mybb->settings['timeformat'], $attachment['dateuploaded']);

Should I add or edit something? Looks like maybe they were customized before.