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Full Version: add accurate time stamp for new post
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Hi everyone,

Im a noob at mybb. but im trying to learn.

what i noticed from mybb any post thats 24 hrs or less, the timestamp would show like 5 hours ago.
** instead of 4.25 pm or maybe 12 minutes ago

like more accurate time of the post.

It would be awesome if i can find the setting in admin acp. or maybe there is? could u show me where?

thanks a lot for your time.

Big Grin using mybb latest 1.8 version

Please try

Admin CP -> Configurations -> Date and Time Formats 

If you need anymore help please reply.
Looked at the section mentioned.
Not finding what im looking for.
Its just a format.
Or am i missing something.

I am looking for time stamp. For e.g. last post 2 hours ago

I want it to be like. Today 3.20pm. Not a general hours. But real clock timing.

Noticed aftyer 24 hrs. The post will use real timing.
Absolute/relative dat and time plugin from @doylecc -
(10-12-2017, 05:33 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]Absolute/relative dat and time plugin from @doylecc -


i tried the plugin
upload using ftp

click to install and activate
then it ask for pluginLibrary by frostschutz
i download it and upload
but it gives warning thats an old version. from github it shows 3 yrs old file
and then suddenly the admin cp goes crazy

i reverse the process.
 tried deleting the plugin.
when i goto admin cp>home>preferences
its show this error

[Image: p8JxX7t.png]

i never use any googleauthenticator
did i just messed up mybb?
i dont even have 3rdparty folder. it did not exist.
tried to create it using the folder structure. download googleauthenticator.php using crossreference file.
but still failed.

feel like hell right now.
anybody can help me to fix this?

how do i get back the system to normal?

Confused Confused Confused

by the way

i was not able to use the plugin. even after following the instruction one by one.

sigh. this is sad.
Just download the latest mybb version, the 3rdparty folder is include, and upload the whole 3rdparty folder to your installation. (there is much more needed stuff in this folder than this 1 file)