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Full Version: Posting from iPad, delete key runs wild
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Three of my users have reported the same frustrating problem to me. Here are the common characteristics:
All use an iPad to post to my forum.
  • The issue is: while composing a post on the forum (It is unclear whether this is limited to forum posts or if it occurs also on PMs.), if they use backspace to delete a typo, the backspacer chugs along, deleting text for several lines of the time.
  • All three experience the problem only on posting to the forum, not anywhere else.
  • The issue occurs intermittently.
  • One knowledgeable person I asked suggests "it appears that both our forum software and the user will require a GoMobile plugin/app on their device, but this is only half a guess."
Any knowledge, ideas, or suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
Whats your forum url? Whats the mybb version you are running? What theme you are using? Some information this are helpfull for us to help you solving the proble. (A hint GoMobile is outdated long time and is not getting support anymore and cause many problems.)