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Full Version: bbcode not working
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Hello everyone,

Before, i'm french sorry for my english is late in France^^!

My forum url is :

So, from day to day, without any modifications of the forum, the bbcode of it no longer works, the option BBCODE is active in the general parameters and in the parameters of the forum.

I gave the default themes to check if this came from the theme but that is not the case, I admit that I do not understand the problem at all and I did not find a similar problem via google, I come and ask for your help.

The bbcode works perfectly in the editor but once the publication is done it is not taken into account and it does not concern all the codes, only some, I hope I will be able to find help!

[Image: 965790OperaInstantan20171014022142numtopiaonlinecf.png]

Sincerely, XFallSeane.
no idea ?
There is no default bbcode for [center], you need to make a custom code for this or use
for this.
I have create my code for this because all bbcode is broken within url and img or italic

i don't have modify a code ..

for more exemple, i don't move a cursor with keyboard key "up" or "down" etc..