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Full Version: Xcache and settings.php
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I'm using MyBB with Xcache but I noticed a problem with the settings.

When I update the settings it's written to the database, but not to the settings.php file.
(Error: failed to open stream: Invalid argument)

If the file doesn't exist it's created successfully.
When I disable Xcache it's working fine.. Do I have something configured wrong?

I have this line in my config.php:

$config['cache_store'] = 'xcache';

Do I need something more?

not sure what exactly is wrong - does your forum also use cloudflare cache system ? is settings.php file writable ?

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Yes the forum is cached by cloudflare, but not the local files of course...
settings.php is writeable and permissions are set correctly, it's a windows system anyway

Uh I never noticed it was missing. I added it to the footer

Just wanted to say I fixed it. Uninstalled Xcache and I use opcache now. It's working now and even faster!

The Page generates in about 20ms, before it was 40ms Smile