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Full Version: PDF not visible for guest
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I have a weird issue with attachements. All attachments are showing fine for guests and logged in users. But for some reason PDF files are not visible for guests. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this.

I've checked the permissions of the forums and user groups but I could not find anything that would prevent only this file type from showing.

navigate to below location in forum admin panel & check who can view pdf attachments

forum admin panel >> Configuration >> Attachment Types >> pdf --> [options] (button) --> Edit
>> Available to groups

if above doesn't help then post a test url of your forum where you have pdf attachment so that someone can check

Thanks for the quick response but I don't have this option available. If I edit the options of the PDF filetype I can only see these fields: File Extension, MIME Type, Max File Size and Attachment icon.

Here are some examples
^ your forum is running on a old version of MyBB which is no longer supported.

anyway, have you checked guest group permissions ?
forum admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> guests >> Forums and Posts (tab) >>
Viewing Options >> Can download attachments?

you may also have to check custom permissions set for Guests group at individual forum sections