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Full Version: htaccess / godaddy issue
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Good Evening/Day all!

I try not to post too often in these forums regarding issues I have had and generally like to use the Google Search method! However, the issue im having I believe is rather bespoke (forgive me if im wrong!)

I am developing a website for a friends business and I'm using Wordpress for the main site, on the same linux server i host a gaming community website using MyBB (Thanks btw, amazing software!) 

The issue im having is this; the htaccess file which normally I would use to define the portal as the homepage creates errors with Wordpress' admin panel. i.e. with a htaccess folder directing my DirectoryIndex to portal.php it renders the WP admin panel absolutely inaccessible. 

As such, my question is this ... Is there a way for me to have my homepage as Portal.php without me using a htaccess file? 

MyBB Version : 1.8 (Current Updated)
Sites In Question : /

Thanks in advance! 

Indisus  Shy

EDIT : Ive just read that changing around the index.php and portal.php names in my files might fix the issue, however I use a few plugins and wouldnt want to cause any issues there.
Hi Indisus - do you still need help with this, I'll need more information, send me a private message and we can talk.