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Full Version: Visitors have a different theme
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Hey, so I saw that in "Edit theme properties" "authorized groups" is showing some groupes some groups such as members etc. but not visitors, so my visitors aren't seeing the exact same theme as I do.
any idea ? Thanks
Yes, I've already done all of this, the only thing is that they see a different navbar
do you mean that guests see same theme with a different nav bar ? what is your forum url ?
(2017-11-04, 04:43 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]do you mean that guests see same theme with a different nav bar ? what is your forum url ?

Exactly, I pm'ed you regarding this
which navbar you are referring to ? can you show it with an image

in general, different user groups get different type of links at the navbar
eg. guests do not have user control panel link & private messages link (obviously !) etc ..
Here's what I see as a logged in user :
I understand that visitors don't have their acp etc.

But the right side content is modified, visitors see "Portal" etc. instead of this.
Can't get it
looks like there is a mistake in adding / removing links in the header part.

as briefed earlier, MyBB uses different types of links for different user groups.
header templates set of the theme consists of those top navbar links

in the Header Templates (in general) :
* header --> contents are visible to all user groups
* header_welcomeblock_guest --> contents are visible to guests (and not logged in members)
* header_welcomeblock_member --> contents visible to members (and the staff)
* header_welcomeblock_member_admin --> contents visible to Administrators only
* header_welcomeblock_member_moderator --> contents visible to moderators and administrators
Thanks for your answer,
Very well explained, working