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Full Version: Remove "enter" = <br />
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Wondering how I would go about removing the "enter" button as a new line code.

As of right now I am not a fan of using the enter button to space down or
<br />

How do I remove this function? HTML is enabled on my board and users will be using it only (yes I know the risks of HTML/CSS/scripts in posts).

About the only thing I can guess needs edited in the inc/class_parser.php is:
$find = array("<br />\n", "<br>\n");
 $replace = array("\n", "\n");
$message = str_replace($find, $replace, $message);
However I don't want to touch what shouldn't be touched.
would you like to try using css trick to remove newlines in post content ..
may be something like .post_content br {display: none;}
No as I would like users to use HTML <br /> for line breaks, I just don’t want enter to automatically make one.
^ in that case, a plugin would be required or you can try a jQuery based solution
Thanks for the information! I’ll look into the jQuery solution but I seem to always have bad luck with it as in-line moderation stops work 75% of the time I use any.

As far as plugin do you mean editor plugins?