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Full Version: How to install BAM Announcement plugin
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Sorry if I'm making something simple complicated.

How exactly to install the BAM Announcements plugin?  The instructions simply say,
"To install, simply upload the contents of "Upload" folder on this zip file to your MyBB root directory"

But there are folders in the Upload folder of the Zip and multiple copies of bam.php in different folders of the zip.

Do I just copy bam.php in the Plugins folder in the Zip to /inc/plugins on my forum?

The zip structure looks like this:

             config  >>> BAM.PHP

                  admin >>> BAM.PHP
   plugins  >>> BAM.PHP

You upload all of the files from the "Upload" folder to your forum's root directory.
Thank you for your reply.

The forum root directory has a folder called Admin. The zip has an Admin folder in the Upload folder.

Do you mean also the folder structure in the zip file. That would conflict with the existing admin folder.

If you mean just the files (not the folders) in the Uploads folder of the zip, there are two different bam.php files in the zip of different sizes.

So, there are two folders in the upload folder of the zip: admin and inc. There is already and admin folder in the root.

Sorry for being so dense, but I don't get it. Could you please be very specific?

Am I missing something?
^ folder structure needs to be followed. assuming that you are using filezilla (ftp client),
in general, non-existing files get copied & conflicting files are prompted for action.
I'm using the file manager of TMD Hosting.  I need to copy some files to the forum.

I apologize again.  But I seem to be missing something.

The existing directory structure of my forum has a folder called admin.
The uploads folder in the zip contains a folder called admin.


I take the "root" directory of my forum is the "forum" folder.
I can't copy the complete upload folder of the zip to the root of the forum with a directory name conflict.

This is the structure of the zip. 

            config  >>> BAM.PHP   17KB
                 admin >>>> BAM.LANG.PHP
  plugins  >>> BAM.PHP  13kb

The instructions say to copy all of the "files" (not folders) in the upload folder of the zip to the root of the forum.  
But there are two different BAM.PHP files of different sizes.

Do you understand my confusion?  

Thanks again!
^ yes, there can be files with the same name (of different sizes) but they belong to different folders.
if you upload individual files then for each file you can explore (or select) its destination folder on the file manager
Thank you Mr. .M. I think I get it.

I didn't realize that the file structure of the zip actually matched the structure of the forum.

I still don't know what they mean by just copy the contents of the upload folder to the root. That would have filename conflicts. But now I know where to copy the individual file.

I wish they has just specified file locations in the instructions.

Thank you. Smile