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Full Version: Font awesome error
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Hello , i recently follow this tutorial : posted by @Jhonny S
but  i can't find : usercp_subscription_forums and headerinclude
so i've tried to make it without them but now it looks like that :
PS : i also tried to follow this tutorial but it looks the same thing but the icons are bigger now Smile)
As that thread is from 2014 there have likely been some changes to template names. Regarding usercp_subscription_forums it is likely User Control Panel Templates --> usercp_forumsubscriptions_forum now.

Your headerinclude can be found under Ungrouped Templates.

As far as the size of icons, they are most likely going to inherit sizes from your text sizes (css) of each id or class that they are being put in to.
i've reinstaled the theme and start the tutorial from 0 but when it's done it show's me white screen Smile) i understand that the tutorial it's from 2014 so can't be applied now
It will work you’ll just need to edit different templates because there have been some name changes.
so if i will try usercp_forumsubscriptions_forum instead of usercp_subscription_forums it will work ? because i've tried 2 times and all i've got is a white screen and i must reinstall the theme and apply the changes i've made before this Smile)
I’m not sure why you’re getting a white screen without the code you’re using and what’s in the template at the time the white screen occurs.

I’m not promising anything will work from that tutorial. What I’m saying is that if you look in different templates is that you’ll likely find the correct one you need. Font awesome can be used in 1.8. You just need to do trial and error. It’s learning.

Also, the cdn script/link that tutorial uses I believe is outdated. You should get the new one from Font Awesomes website.
the last thread it's from 2017  this should be available but no ..