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Full Version: How can I let users make their thread a direct link?
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As in, if you click on the thread, instead of taking you to the post view it directly directs you to whatever page you decided on.
Hi bluedagger Smile

Can you please explain a little your question? I don't understand what you need. You have page numbers next to thread title so you can go on any page, and if you click at thread it leads to first page right?

What do you want to do differently?
Disable friendly redirection pages in Admin CP.

(I hope I understood your question correctly.)
Sorry if i wasn't clear, what i mean is, you know on reddit how you can make a thread a link thread? Linking directly to the new york times for example if you click the title, well, that's what i mean.
Oh, you mean instead of leading to thread you want to make link (of thread - it's title) to lead to another url (website), but you want it to be in forum just like threads?

You can make redirection forum, but you can't make redirection thread so when you click at thread (title) it leads you to another site... Sorry... But maybe there is some plugin for that....
this plugin can be tried for the required purpose => Thread Redirect plugin