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Full Version: Add another category tab under the user profile
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Is there any way to add another profile information category tab ( like the Information, About, Signature Tabs under user profile), so that i can use the Steam API to get user data like Steam name, current status, etc in the newly created profile information category tab?
what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?
and i am using JAMPS-Gamerzone black red theme, with quite some amount of modification to it.
in the member_profile template of the theme

find <li class=""><a href="#pestana_4">About me</a></li>
after it, you can add below code in a new line
<li class=""><a href="#pestana_5">Steam Data</a></li>

fine below code near bottom of the template
above it (i.e. before first </div> of above given code) you can add
<div style="display: none;" id="pestana_5" class="pestana_contenido">
				your Steam related contents here