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Full Version: How to make board stats shorter?
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On my website i added a side bar and it has added a big space between the forums and the board stats so i am wanting to make the size of the board stats the same size of the forum section at the top.

My Website:
navigate to index template of the theme through forum admin panel.
if you have </div> before {$boardstats} then move it after {$boardstats} ,
save the template & check if helps

[MyBB Documentation : Templates]
It put the board statistics on the side bar. If possible i want to keep it in the middle
^ in the index template you should be having a code line consisting of {$forums} with </div> at the end
{$boardstats} needs to be placed before that </div>
Like this?

nvm i fixed it
well, that is just after {$forums} !