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Full Version: Report Private Messages
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Allow users to report their private messages in case of spam/abuse/etc. We already have the Report Center, so this would be a pretty straight forward addition.
Agreed, this is required as a default feature.
A new user may come just to spam a forum and admin can never know unless user will be able to report PM.
Absolutely. This is a must imo.
I don't see why not, we already have reporting for posts and reputation so adding this and hooking it into the ModCP seems logical.
+1. Smile
+1 this change
It's certainly a must have, I'm curious as to how it would work though, as if I recall, MyBB treats PMs like emails, so you would only see that one isolated PM rather than the entire thread.

Edit: Of course, that isn't a problem if conversations land in 1.10, although there's the problem of converting existing PMs.
Absolutely yes! Big Grin