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Full Version: 1.6 documentation to 1.8
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I wanna modify 1.6 documentation for 1.8 and pull it.

Is that ok, any suggestion or something? Is that useful? This version of forum (1.8) will be primary for some time so it will be helpful, right?

I mean, do I have your support as there is no point if I do that and it's not published or something... Big Grin :/
If the doc you are going to send a PR for is useful and relevant for 1.8 and not included anywhere in the current docs then feel free. We will review the PR and decide if it should be merged.
Yes, what if it is in 1.6 docs but not in 1.8 and/or it is in 1.6 but there is different way to do that in 1.8?
You are more than welcome to create PR's for any things that you may find useful and we will review them!
OK, I will Smile
Having some valuable PR's to the docs would be a huge help Big Grin
Yes, I know... Docs site was huge for 1.6 and now for 1.8 we have just few pages so it needs a lot of work.

But as English is not my primary language I'm afraid I will have some mistakes so it will need reviews... But anyway, I will do my best Big Grin