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Full Version: Thread count not working MyBB 1.8.13 (1813). also php emails not working
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Hi have a happy day Smile

Have like 5,000 members at and the thread views / php emails not working.

MyBB 1.8.13 (1813)

The emails maybe hosting email limits, the thread views counts most likely a plugin similar to like what Matt's said multiple times.

Kindly check if my plugins have known thread count compatibility errors.

Thank you and hope you are having a happy day Big Grin

Best Regards,

Randy Gardner

AvatarEffect (1.0) 

Hide To Guests (0.3.1)

KeyCAPTCHA (0.2)
Are you a human (0.1)

Country Flag (1.1.1)

Google SEO (1.6.6)

Google Analytics (1.5.1)

Google +1 (1.0)

Hide Forums (0.8.5)

HTML in Posts (1.5)

Profile Images (1.0)

Advance ads on index. (1.0)
Invisible Forums (1.2)

Last Visitors in Profile (1.1)
Lock (1.0)

My Advertisements (2.1.2)

PHP and Template Conditionals (2.1)

Profile Field (1.0)
Profile Views (1.2.1)

Recent Threads (8.0)

Register Time (1.1)
Rin Shoutbox (0.3.3)

Spoiler BBCode (1.8)

Thank You/Like System (1.9.10)

Ticketsystem (1.1.2)

deleted each chat plugin other then Rin Shoutbox & working perfect Big Grin

Thanks Matt @