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Full Version: Can someone please help me with altering theme colors
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Hello, I'm an extreme noob when it comes to this and I haven't been able to get such a simple thing done. The code keeps getting ruined and my formatting goes out of whack.

I just want to change the theme color from red to blue.

I am using the default theme apparently? ANd people said I can change the colors, but I can't. There is no colors to choose from. So perhaps back in the day I had created a new base theme and edited that. 

if anyone would like temporary access to admin CP to change the theme color it would be greatly appreciated. I just want this done beyond words.
I can do that, and you don't need to give me access, you can just post here your forum url. And I will try to post here what you need to change, but I think thay I may change that for you too in your acp if you want and need Smile