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Full Version: Posts adding random BBcode?
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So it seems users' posts are getting random BBcode added to them, when copy/pasting a form to fill out and post?

Almost every line of certain posts is getting this added to it:

 [size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace]    [/font][/size] 

Any idea what is causing this?

Forum is version 1.8.13
Yes, that's not random. When you copy text from somewhere in WYSIWYG editor it tryes to copy style in which that text is written...

It's maybe easiest solution to switch from WYSIWYG editor to source editor when copying and pasting some text.
The text isn't being copied from an editor, but directly from a post.

And I'm fairly certain we have source editor set as default for posts.
Yes, I know. I told when you copy text from somewhere to editor

You can switch them in post, while posting. And that should not be happening at source editor as in it is just simple text with no formats. Formats are visible in WYSIWYG editor.

Please check if that happens same before and after swiching editors as wel as if that appears on this forum too
Got it, thank you.