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Full Version: [Suggestion] Locked threads edit
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Hi. Another one suggestion on me. Right now, when forum moderator closes thread only moderators can edit them or post replies in there. I was thinking of adding additional option for moderators when thy are closing thread, which would be "Allow author to edit this closed post" and second would be "Allow author to reply to this closed post". This would come extremely in handy for communities, where, for example, a regular user needs a clean thread for some announcements or anything similar. So he don't have to ask moderator to re-open and then close thread again, just because he wants to keep thread clean.

So, right now, when thread is closed, "New Reply" is replaced with "thread is clsoed" or something, and "Edit" buttons on the post are disappearing. My idea is to leave them both (or one, depending on the options mod set up when he was closing the thread). That's all

Algorithm stuff:
Once again, no clue how this forum thingy is working, but still gonna to toss an idea of implementing it. So I believe thread closing is done through one bool variable. My idea is to add simple function that checks if user who's entering thread is an author and changing that bool for him. But I doubt it's ez to implement since I think it would change thread for everyone.

Then I thought of maybe giving author of the thread some kind of mini-mod, that would allow him to modify HIS closed threads, based on an options that real mod chooses. By default it should be on "No edit/replies of author threads", so real forum mods can choose if they want to give someone power to modify HIS closed threads. I don't know how the permission are working in here, so I'm just dropping algorithm, hope it may come in handy if you guys (devs) will find it useful.