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Full Version: Cannot login to AdminCP
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It's been SO long since I have logined into my website, and I don't remember anything! I cannot login to AdminCP because I don't remember the information, I don't remember superadmin info nothing. I kinda need all that because I'm going to be starting up my server again. Could you maybe tell me if there's a fix that I can get my info back? Then when I tried to login aI got failed login within 5 attempts check your email but nothing is there.
You cannot login to both board or acp, right?

Please check this thread, it may help you:
Are you remember superadmin name?
Yea I know it’s name, it’s on the "Members" tab, also when I try to update the password, it is just a bunch of red lines and says error.
Please copy that error messages here
UPDATE mybb_users SET salt = '', password = '098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6' WHERE uid = '1';

I paste that where is says to and it’s all red lines, I didn’t mean to say it says error, that’s my fault
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to files (FTP) to fix the issue
(you can provide your own login credentials & change them later)