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Full Version: UTF-8 Encoding
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Have questions related to UTF-8 Encoding part in System Health.

Right now I have all tables except 3 (mybb_mytabs_settings, mybb_mytabs_tabs and mybb_upgrade_data) have proper UTF 8 Encoding, but those 3 have Convert Now option next to them, should I be worried or should I be converting them? Converting them might break something?

And there is whole 4 Byte UTF 8 Support part with all Convert Now options, what does it mean? What do you use in your forum and why?
You pretty much have to use utf8mb4. Regular mysql utf8 only does 3 byte characters. That used to be fine, only exotic/asian languages used 4 byte characters. However with the advent of the emoji you get people commonly using 4 byte characters in the western world as well.

So you suggest me to conver all to 4 byte utf-8 ? Is there any risk doing that?