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Full Version: 500 Internal Server Error
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First it just happened when uploading an avatar bigger than maxfilesize.
Now it happens when adding a new theme aswell.

I have been told by my host provider that some core script is overriding my php settings.
I have tried disabling my plugins, updating mybb, using updated php version etc.
Unfortunately none of it worked.
I appreciate any type of help here.
Screenshot of Error:

With kind regards,
can you check latest entries of server error log to find the cause of error 500 ..
(server error log should be available through your web host control panel)

"ModSecurity: Input filter: Failed to create temporary file: /root/tmp/20171206-174045-WigrnblDI85oH8tiE4qISQAAAAw-request_body-uqzTN6 [hostname ""] [uri "/admin/index.php"]"

With kind regards,
it would be better to ask your web host to disable mod_security or fix the referred issue

mod_security is also known for some other problems in MyBB forum - see related details here
Go to your cPanel and see if there's mod_security if there is disable the feature some web hosts have this feature in cpanel which then can be disabled, if not then you'll have to contact your web host.
Please rename .htaccess file to another name and try to access. (If solved then you can use this as temporary solution but you must follow methods in above replies.)