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Full Version: after move hosting forum can open
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Hi there,
I am shift our forum to new server.
Via complete backup.
Now i configure all database with foum configuration. 

Now my forum can't open.

But my forum admincp perfactly open.

Live url.

And my this forum admincp open.

But forum can't be open how to fix this one ?

Also check this link.
if forum admin panel is working fine then navigate to below location

forum admin panel >> Configuration [Settings] >> Server and Optimization Options >>
GZip Page Compression Level >> change to 4 or 3 and save the settings

then check forum index page ..
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Dear sir.
Thanks for your reply i try both
GZip Page Compression Level > 4 or 3

But same issue on both values.

Okay finly i trun off gzip compresser now site working.
This is any files missing problemes