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Full Version: Customizable version
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Would it be possible to have a basic version of 1.10 that we can customize to our own preferences ?

I don't understand how it all works in making the software so forgive me if my idea sounds impossible, bit I have been looking through some of the suggestions put forward and I don't see how 1.10 is going to work. It's looking more each day like it's going to cause even more headaches for the developers and us the users than the current 1.8 and proposed 2.0.

If you look at this thread: you will see that we are not all in agreement as to what should be removed and what should be kept. Also if you look at the suggestions marked [1.10] you will see that some are suggesting things that others do not want and the list is getting longer by the day.

So my suggestion for 1.10 would be a stripped down basic version that we can customise. It would be easier for the developers to keep updated as it would just be the odd security or compatibility change that needed making occasionally, it would also be easier for us the users to keep updated as there would be a lot less changes to make. (Things always go wrong for me whenever I update)  

Here's how it could work:

Imagine you buy a basic car. It has the bog standard equipment to make it work properly and is strong and reliable, it just needs a little service a couple of time a year to keep it in tip top condition. From there you just add the extras that you want to customise your car and make it different to everyone else’s.

Theme: Easy you just go and fiddle around with the CSS or choose an off the peg one.

RSS feed. Don't include in the basic version, but make it an add on.

Calender: Again it's an add on, surely as it's already in 1.8 it could be made as an add on.

Portal: Another add on taken from 1.8

Print thread: Isn't that just a little bit of code we could add in a template.

The list is endless, and I'm sure there are people that can give guidance, tutorials, etc to those that want to make changes. Hell I've even learnt over the years to make some basic changes thanks to other members here or by playing around.

A customizable version would take a lot less valuable time from the MyBB team and developers to keep in good condition, and they could then concentrate on keeping 1.8 going or work on 2.0.

We the users could then choose 1.8, help with development of 2.0 or customise our own version of 1.10.

Please don't get me wrong as I'm very grateful for all that everyone does at MyBB both team and members, but I would just like a simple easy to maintain forum. Instead I'm starting to see another 1.8 with lot's of stuff I don't want full of bugs and updates. Or worse still another 2.0 that may never get off the ground.

Thank you.
MyBB 2.0 is full software rewrite and it take time.

MyBB 1.10 is just in plan right now. It is not even sure that it will be relased yet.

And if it will, each new version had bunch of new functions. New functions will be improvement for software and will not ruin it. So if there will be 1.10, there will be default options like each version plus few more useful things which user can use but don't need to.

That will not be different software. If you were on 1.6 and moved to 1.8 than you know that changes are not so big as they seems to be on first look.

You will still be able to use all functions like before. Maybe you will get a few new functions which could be activated but doesn't need to.
We are planning on offering official plugins and my opinion is that the core should contain the basic required features such as user management, forums, PMs (conversations), alerts, etc. Other features like a calendar and page management and a portal etc. should become plugins officially managed by the team. It still leaves a lot of work no matter how we split it, though having some parts available as plugins allows those components to be updated and released independently of the core software.
That's actually a good idea. But than maybe there should be some easy way to upload and use them like uploading xml of theme for example...
It depends on how far you go, admins don't necessarily know what they or their users want and looking around for solutions can be a lot of work. Also, people are generally lazy and lean towards the defaults plus one or two things being enough.

All they'll see is if software x gives them more activity than software y. For instance, the users used RSS a lot on one big board, the admins never considered RSS and actually saw it as a nuisance. In the end, they gave in to the users. Users are an unpredictable bunch, who usually love features which make their lives easier.

It's not a... They knew RSS would be popular there. It was... They removed it and they received unexpected backlash.
Who thinks they'll need RSS or other API-ish things?
I gotta agree with with Azah with this one. That is what i wanted to say