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Full Version: Help please with the index
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Hi, i've my web online and i want change the main menu with brackets (program to edit html/php languaje) and put it to my liking.

So i search the index file in all folders but i didnt found anything please help me to find the index file to edit all the web with html/php 

If you want to change the main menu you should login to mybb admin control panel and edit the theme through the built-in templating system.

Admin CP > Templates & Style > Templates > your template set

Search inside "Header Templates" and make your edits.
Edit : delayed response

basically MyBB forum uses templates system to modify the layout.
required theme's templates codes can be edited through forum admin panel.

eg. code in index template of the theme can be modified for editing content of forum's index page.

* [templates system]
* earlier guidance : [Themes] | [Templates]