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Full Version: Image Embeder
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Image Embeder want Please ???
Ok... A little more details?
if i post only image link than automatic [IMG] [/IMG] code
Hmm... I'm not sure that there is some plugin for that, I can try something and keep you notified.

For now, this plugin can help a bit maybe:

So, you can try with following code...

Go to ACP -> Configuration -> MyCode -> Add new MyCode

Than choose title and paste this:

Regular Expression:

<img src="$1.jpg" />

Or if you want for image to become also a link:

<a href="$1.jpg"><img src="$1.jpg" /></a>

Please note: that you need to repeat this for each of image extensions.

This is just for .jpg extension

Here are some of other extensions which I have on my mind now...

Regular Expression:

<img src="$1.png" />

Regular Expression:

<img src="$1.jpeg" />

Regular Expression:

<img src="$1.gif" />

not working
Please write steps you did and error which occours...