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Full Version: show only subforums
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I've searched but did not find anything, so I'm making this new thread.

I have not yet published my forum but just build it for the moment.

To get some more structure and order in the forum, I have created a number of subforums.

But I wonder if it's possible to get rid of / hide the forum in which the subform is in?

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You cannot remove that (at least by default), but you can make parent forum of that forums category instead of forums. Categories cannot have threads inside them so that will dissappear.

If category is made as subforum of another category it acts same as sub-forum. And is display on forum index on same way but you cannot post into it so it haven't and threads or thread list when you enter it...
Ahh, much better, thanks!
No problem Smile
Or wait, i didnt get that.

I´ll be back
Just feel free to ask if you have any problem