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Full Version: Sleeq theme not updating :(
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             I am QuacKerz. I have been try to update my sleeq theme's css , I guess you know that theme, if not, then here you go : I tried to edit its header background via CSS, nothing happend.
Have you tried hard refresh (ctrl+shift+r) or clearing your browser history and cache and then reloading?
its same, please help.
Please provide us your forum url and post what exactly you want to change so I can check it out

i want to change the background and I want to get my logo fixed, I applied the codes sot that it can be fixed, but no results
So, background of logo can be edited with changing in css: #animate-area
It's in global.css from line 22.

and logo with code in css: .logo as well as .logo a
it's in global.css at lines 1753 for .logo and 1768 for .logo a

Than apply and try hard refresh and that should work