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Full Version: If anything, please make a 1.10 Beta
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I understand that volunteers put together cool forum software like MyBB and I'm not trying to push you our rush you guys. However, is there any way some of us can participate in MyBB 1.10 beta program. I feel that way we can provide feedback on "Planned features". I understand the whole concept as "it will be ready when is ready!" but the only way some of us can contribute is if we actual get our hands "dirty" and play with what you have done so far.

Well, right now it's still in phase when this is just idea... But I'm sure it will be beta before stabile version is out. I remember it was that way when 1.8 was comming out Wink
Everything's up on Github, so you can grab the code to play with at any time, whether it's alpha, beta, or anything else.
As we get closer to actually having something to show, there will be Alpha and Beta releases. Work has only just started on 1.10 though, so we're a little way away from that right now.