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Full Version: Unthemed Buddy/Ignore List
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Hello people!

I'm using a testing installation (the latest version) and noticed that the Buddy/Ignore List is completely unthemed. I don't have any plugins, so it can't be that. I thought it was because of a specific theme but the same thing happens with the default one. I also noticed the same results when trying to access the list here. Is it a known bug?

It looks like in the image:
Well... It works for me on this forum...
Well, it looks like there's something peculiar in my browser settings. Which is strange because it only happens on the Buddy/Ignore List, while the rest of the forum and my installation is perfectly fine.

Anyway, it's good to know that it's not a bug. We are planning to replace our forum with MyBB and it was a show-stopper. Not anymore.
Well... Have you tryed hard refreshing browser as well as clearing its cache and history?
And accessing it from another browser or device?
Your first reply prompted me to do just that. I hadn't thought about it before, since everything else was ok. But I have since found the culprit. It was a userstyle with a regexp for *lists and it so happens that the Buddy List contains the word "editlists" in the address.

I have disabled the userstyle and everything looks as it should. Thanks for the help.
Glad you solved that Big Grin