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Full Version: Moving all posts in a thread into an existing thread.
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Why can't this be done?
You can do that. That's done by option "Merge threads"
(12-16-2017, 08:42 AM)Ikerepc Wrote: [ -> ]You can do that. That's done by option "Merge threads"


I don't see "Merge Threads".  Here are the options I see.

[Image: tcber5H.png]

I tried "Move Threads", but that looks like it will only move it into another forum or subforum.
Enter thread and at the bottom you have "Moderation options" and between others option "Merge Threads".
as you want to move all posts of existing thread to another thread

1] open the target thread which you want to be merged with another
2] at Moderation Options select Merge Threads ..

3] you have to enter the url of the thread which you wanted to merge with the existing thread
*] note: description at Thread to merge with could be confusing !
that thread {which you entered URL} will be removed & its posts will be merged into first opened thread