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Full Version: Images don't show loged in
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Hello, I have a problem with images,
they don't show loged in,
and they do show on the board loged out..

check at the options available at your user control panel [eg.]

user control panel >> Edit Options >> Thread View Options >>
* Display images in posts
* Display videos in posts
thank you very much it works now Smile

another question please

images uploaded-attached to the post [forum server]
don't show full image with img-path  unles you are logged in
they only show to the bottom of the post as attachments..

thank you
looks like guests are not allowed to view attachments posted on your forum.
to view image attachments they should be allowed to download the attachments !

^ forum admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> guests >> Forums and Posts (tab) >>
Viewing Options >> Can download attachments? --> select it (check in) & save settings
thank you again, it works Smile

one more please Smile

when I post reply, the tools on my reply box don't show like for example here in my bb  Sad

and one more and it is the last one for today,

can you advice me on witch threads to look for installing my bb phone application

thank you in advance