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Full Version: User group resets always
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Hey Community

when I trief to add an user to a created user group it works fine, but short time after that my forum puts everyone into standard groups like "administrator" or "super moderator". It's always the same no matter how often I do so.

In the following you can see a picture in which I (BlackSwan.EGL) am in the wished group (Commander) and below me another user (a24karat.EGL) which has the same function as me, who is reseted and putted into the standard gorup. By the way, every user below is in the standard groups. I just changed my gorup into desired gorup to demonstrate you guys, how it should be and how it actuallly is.

[Image: KgYYRnqtQsuDhRMwj9t5cQ.png]

Hope you can help me with this problem.

Greetings, Tolga aka BlackSwan.EGL
can we have your forum url & screenshot of your profile / other user's profile from your forum admin panel
also which plugins you have in active status ..
Sure, sorry for replying so late. I was very busy.

Okay, my URL is

Here you have two screenshots from BlackSwan.EGL's and a24karat.EGL's Profile in Admin Panel

[Image: blackswan.png]

[Image: a24karat.png]

Here you can see that my settings from screenshot one resets to user group settings in screenshot two.

I've installed following Plugins:

Awaiting Activation Message
Activate from Profile
Anon Links
Additional Usergroup Images
Badges Plugin
Colored Usernames
Delete Account
Form Creator
Full PM
Usergroup Legend
Group Sort
Hello World!
Hide content from guest
Email Admin on Registration
Simple Image Upload
Minimum Reputation
Multilanguage Forums
OneAll Social Login
Page Manager
Plugin Uploader
Latest Visitors on Profiles
Rin Shoutbox
Staff Page
User Activity Promotion
Hide Non Activated Users From Member List - XThreads Plugin

I know, I've installed quiet a lot of Plugins, but it makes my forum as functional as I want it to.
Thanks for helping Big Grin