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Full Version: Discussion and poll published in one time
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Maybe someone can help me with this question:

When I want to make a discussion with a poll attached to it, I have to make the text first en put it online. After i do so the page with te poll appears so i can define the options.

So the post appears online without the poll till the time that the poll is ready to publish to. That can take some time if the poll has several options.

Is there a way to write te post and complete the poll first, and put both online after that at the same time?

I do not really understand your question. This might require a separate plugin where you can try to request a plugin here:

This could be a useful plugin if you have a lot of poll options:
But it needs to be confirmed how many people are participating in this poll,
I will try to explain it a little bit clearer:

If I want to make a discussion with a poll attached to it, i have to make a text first. Below the text-screen I mark the option 'I want to post a poll' en fill in the number of options. After i did so I click the button 'Post Thread'. Now a new page with the poll appears and I can fill in al the options. In my case 52 possibilities. That takes a while, you can imagine. In the meanwile (after clicking 'Post Thread') the text is allready viseable online and says there is a poll attached, but it is not (yet).

My question is:
Is it possible that bot text ánd poll, appeared in the same time. So, 'Post thread' should be after text ánd poll are ready to put online.
It's not a big thing; I was just wondering if it's possible to do it like this.
Nobody any idea how I can do it?