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Full Version: Failed to start TLS encryption
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I use Gmail's SMTP for forum emails, and when I updated MyBB to 1.8.14 it stopped working. I haven't changed any settings or anything since I updated MyBB. 

Whenever an email is sent it fails with the message "Failed to start TLS encryption" and code "220". I've searched all over Google and found no solution.

[Image: 48M1bdE.png]

Here's my mail settings:
[Image: GTronpt.png]

Thanks for reading!
Hi there,

This thread may help you:
Thank you! I thought I already read and tried that thread, but I guess I didn't completely.

The problem was the and openssl.cafile were commented in php.ini and needed to specify a cacert.pem. For some reason this just broke, but thankfully it's fixed!
I am glad you got to resolve this dilemma. Smile