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Full Version: Make stats graph on stats.php
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I want to improve stats page of my forum, currently it's very barren and uninteresting.

What I thought is adding something similar to statistic graphs in admin control panel to stats page, but I don't know how would I do that, I don't want it to be exact same, but maybe with better styling etc. that would improve stats page in my forum.

Default stats page has only threads with most comment and threads with most view listed, if possible I want to add there:
  • Users with most comment. (like SMF)
  • Users with highest online time. (like SMF)
  • Users with highest thread count. (like SMF)
  • Users who received most likes (I have ThankyouLike plugin)
  • Users with highest reputation.
  • Forums with highest number of threads or post.
If anyone can help me at least adding some of them without breaking entire stats page I would appreciate.
Please see replies here:
Hopefully this will help!