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Full Version: Can I Import
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Greetings & Happy Christmas.

I am coming back to Mybb from TSSE!! mybb was my very first script i used when i first set out to run a website, so it looks like what goes around comes back around.. Big Grin

Any way i am wishing to get some advice.

1, Can i import my tsse database ?? i ONLY wish to import my members emails, which is around 3000, i already have a 3 party mail provider, and i have used it for quite some time, usually its just a matter of setting user name = port = pw in my website mail config. to send mass emails from my site to my members...

I am currently using Mybb 1.8 version, its just a matter of getting use to the admin panel all over again, tsse was kinda easy to use, unfortunally there support was very poor..

I wish also to ask were do i edit in Mybb to add my mail provider details ??

Again i wish all staff and supports (a) very merry christmas, and a peaceful 2018..

Many thanks for any help..

you can get required emails list by using SQL queries.
users table of the database consists of username & email fields

replies here related to MyBB System can be of some help

mail settings :
forum admin panel >> Configuration >> Mail Settings
Cheers .M. and thanks for the thumbs-up for the mail settings.