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Full Version: Mobile Phone App advice
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I know there are some older threads here about mobile apps, but I wanted to start a new thread to get the latest info/opinions and guidance.

Our club uses MyBB and we love it because it's really user friendly and easy to manage and update. Our biggest use for it is that we use it for our racing club discounts (it's a secure page where members have to log in to see their discounts) and for an event calendar.

We have had numerous requests to see if we can set up an app so members can access the board on their smartphones (Android and Ios) and Ipads. While they could still go to a web browser to log in, on smaller screens it's harder to navigate.

I tried to use Forum Runner but the plugin installation does not work and I saw some threads on their board about there not being support/ updates anymore

Is anyone out there currently successfully having their users access their MyBB site through a mobile app, what are you using, and how did you do it?

Thank you and happy new year!
have you tried using a responsive theme ?
premium responsive themes might be working fine on mobile devices ..
[disclaimer: I have no experience with the mobile devices]
You can use Tapatalk. There is an option to purchase your own branded app as well. I'd use a mobile or responsive theme as well, because if the user doesn't have Tapatalk installed it will just load desktop view on mobile...

Unfortunately, there is no perfect responsive or mobile theme. They all have some issues. I pray to God that MyBB finally enters this decade at some point with a core mobile theme. Love MyBB and the support team, but ....