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Full Version: Must have x amount of posts to pm
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Is there a plugin/tutorial to set the amount of posts a group must have before they can send private messages? Tried searching but came up empty.
you can use Group Promotions for restricting access to PM facility [General Guidance]

basically registered user group should not have access to PMs
and higher user groups should have the access ..
Ah yeah of course. Thanks for the help!
Hi there
I tried to use the group upgrade system, but unfortunately, when the number of specified topics is skipped, the group does not change and the member keeps the previous group, knowing that I use the latest version of the MyBB version 1.8. 22 Is there an addition that makes me any member to add a certain number of posts before he can send alopecia messages? Here is an illustration
[Image: p_1471oyw7a1.jpg]