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Full Version: 1.8.14 Source Mode ALL Text Is Bold?
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I've done my best to get rid of the font-weight: bold; in the .sceditor-container class throughout all the styles (for each editor) and even tried to override it in personal CSS on my site.

But it won't go away. I have no clue why it does it on my site but it doesn't do it here or any other MyBB installations I've installed.

Anyone having the same issues with 1.8.14?

(For now I have just turned off the MyCode editor until the issue is solved).
have you noticed it on MyBB's stock theme at your forum ? have you also checked on this community ?
Does not seem to be doing the same thing on the stock theme. Is there any CSS related to this that is not in the jscripts/sceditor/editorthemes?
^ which theme you are using ? can you provide test user account to check it ..
Late reply!

I was using a self created theme, I skin my own forums. I ended up just scrapping the skin and starting over again with a new theme (wasn’t much done so not a big loss) and now the problem no longer exists. Must have been something with what I had done somewhere.

Thanks for trying to help though!