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Full Version: Recent Threads on Index
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I can't seem to get the plugin "Recent Threads on Index" to work.
I'm using the latest #13 build. I have also set it up in my index templates.
<script type="text/javascript">
	lang.no_new_posts = "{$lang->no_new_posts}";
	lang.click_mark_read = "{$lang->click_mark_read}";
// -->
<body id="home">
<div id="recentthreads">{$recentthreadtable}</div>
<div class="side" style="float: right; width: 19%">

<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}" cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}" class="tborder">


   <td class="trow2">
<div class="forum" style="float: left; width: 80%;">{$forums}</div>
<br class="clear" />
Link to Forums is:

Currently my Recent Threads does not have any templates, as if they weren't uploaded.
Is there a fix for this?

With kind regards,
#13 Build I don't think works it could be broken but I know #12 is stable and works fine.

So try using the one I linked above.
That worked. Thank you!