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Full Version: Language englishadmin /inc/languages/englishadmin is not installed
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Went to adjust a user's group and got this message. As far as I can tell, there's not supposed to be an "englishadmin" folder. Any ideas?

This is caused by the wrong file permissions for some reason it doesn't work right in MyBB 1.8.14 I had the same problem but fixed it using the link below if that doesn't help let me know and I will tell you the right permissions.

Please see :
Thanks for your reply. Right. We went through this already, but still the error. If chmod issue it will say /english....This appears to be something different, It seems to be looking for "englishadmin". I"ve googled it and not found any reference at all to this directory.

have you done a File Verification just to be sure the mybb files are OK? ("Tools & Maintenance" Tab)

Seems like it's looking for "/inc/languages/englishadmin" when it should be "/inc/languages/english/admin".
Right. That is what is strange.

All files okay.

I also searched the database but nothing came up.
And I guess that you've checked if this problem keeps happening when you deactivate the plugins of the forum (just to be sure that a plugin it's no doing this).
It may have been a plugin. I deactivated OUGC awards (I'm having other issues with that one, so gave it a go first) and then saving users okay. Re-activated OUGC and still no problems with saving users. Don't know if it was in spite or because of the deactivate OUGC.

Anyways I will mark as solved since the problem is gone for now.