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Full Version: Is there a way to view all threads sorted by last post?
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I'd like a list of all threads, sorted by when they were last posted in, like if they were in the same pseudo-(sub-)forum.

Then I could set up (if a plug-in doesn't already offer this) a way for people to "change to one-forum-view", which could just be a link to this. If it were a pseudo-forum, I could then have a "change to normal-view" link back from there. People could then just choose whether they want to go to or -- or something like that.

Any suggestions or ideas? If there's a plug-in that does something *kinda* like this, then I'd check that out -- the proposed solution needn't be on the nose, but any solutions that are, would of course be welcomed.
mybb sorts threads automatically by latest post the last time i checked
As I stated, I want *all* threads. I.e. all threads from all forums under a single view.
Pretty sure it does that automatically for all sub-forums, if not then i have no clue on what you mean.
Lets look at a scenario where the forum has only two subforums called Subforum A, and Subforum B. Lets say you have only Thread A in Subforum A, and only Thread B and Thread C in Subforum B. The OP wants to view and sort Thread A, Thread B and Thread C (all threads across all subforums) on the same page.
I think OP is referring to a "Latest Threads" type module.

You can get a short version of that by viewing "View Today's Posts" or "View New Posts", but to paginate all latest threads on index in lieu of the standard form list, you would need a plugin.

There used to be a plugin called "Latest Threads On Index" that might help you achieve what you want.