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Full Version: GroupIcons for individual users.
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Hey there, MyBB.

I previously made a thread about MyCode for the forums I'm setting stuff up on and we basically run a gaming community. This pretty much set me up to the idea that, seeing as we have group icons (example = ), maybe we should have them for individual users because we have game servers that individual managers work on with their staff teams. 

I'd like to know if it's possible on base MyBB and if not, is there an addon that can be used to make this possible? I just want an easy way to set a usericon (groupicon but for an individual user). Thanks!

EDIT: I want to avoid making multiple usergroups just for this specific purpose.
Bump. I'm kind of desperate and it's been nearly a week.
in member_profile template of the theme you can add image code like below
<img src = "images/custom/{$uid}.png" alt="" /> <br />
and add images like 1.png , 2.png .. etc in images/custom/ folder of your forum files server

in the postbit templates of the theme you can add code like below
<img src = "images/custom/{$post['uid']}.png" alt="" /> <br />

note: {$uid} is user ID [number] of the user