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Full Version: Preventing members can see the poll results
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Is there a possibility to avoid that members can see the running results of a poll? I want to prevent that they can see the ranking score at that moment.
How can I achief this? Is there a setting or do I need a special plugin for that?
I tried the first one (Hide poll results) but whatever I do, the line 'Show results' stays. Even if I set all the options (including supermoderators) on 'NO', the results are visable for all users........
Have you tried the second plugin?
(01-12-2018, 11:36 PM)Zinx001 Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried the second plugin?

Not yet, I hope someone has an idea why the first one doen'nt work. Maybe I did something wrong? Do I have to change a template? Has somebody any experience with the 'Hide poll results'-plugin?
^ Hide Result option should be selected when making a new poll / while editing existing poll

see this related image
Thanks 'M', I will try to work it out the next days. I let you know if it works.

(01-12-2018, 11:36 PM)Zinx001 Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried the second plugin?

I tried the second one 'Extended polls / Pollmanager' but in there I can't use html. I want to make al poll where people can chouse 3 favorite pictures out of 52 pictures of the past 52 weeks, so I want to insert in the field 'questions' the url to the prictures. In the default MyBB-poll it works (I can put html inside) but in this plugin it's impossible.
So this Pollmanager is not suitable for me i'm affraid.