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Full Version: Memberlist Not Working
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So far this is the only thing I can find that is not working appropriately. 

This is a fresh install of MyBB (created no less than a week ago probably), I have a few specific new pages added but all of those are working properly, I have not touched any core files (besides global.php where I have added in one script for counting usergroup numbers (upon removing script there is no change to memberlist.php)).

I have deactivated plugins one by one and none of them are causing the issue. 

I have double checked to make sure that appropriate usergroups to show on memberlist are "check marked" as "Show on memberlist".

All other search functions work fine but search on memberlist.php does not work either.

I am happy to PM an admin on here temporary administrative permissions to my forum, or access to my FTP area if requested to do so.

I've done all that I can think of to do as well as google searches but nothing is turning this around. Any and all help is appreciated. 

MyBB 1.8.14 Version


EDIT: I don't know if this matters or not but I have checked to see if this works on the original default MyBB theme but it does not work on it either.
are you getting white screen for the member list ?
if so, you have to check latest entries of server error log (available at web host panel) to trace the cause
No white screen it’s there just “no members were found with this criteria” Error.

forum admin panel >> Configuration [Settings] >> Member List >> Default Sort Field --> which field is selected ?

if required, you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files ..
It was set as registration date, changed it to username to see if that changed anything but still same issue.

I will get you an account as soon as I get to the computer