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Full Version: remove author fields in responsive views
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I have a responsive theme (Emerald) on my board. However, when my members read the board from their phones, the author field takes up a third of the post. Is it possible to remove fields when the screen is below a certain size? How would I do that? Specifically, what code would I need to replace or add?
You can use media queries in css (you can google it)

But maybe best is to ask at their offical site for issues here: (it's linked on their theme at extend page)

Oh, you asked there, right, sorry...

Can you share your forum url so I can make some code for that
Sorry, I went to sleep yesterday after posting...

So, you can try out this code - put it at the end of global.css:

@media (max-width: 768px) {
	.post.classic .post_author div.author_avatar {
		display: none;
	.post.classic .post_author div.author_statistics {
		display: none;
	.post.classic .post_author div.author_information {
		display: none;

avatar is for avatar removal, statistic for stats and information for rank. You can remove some of that if you like.
Try it out. To me it's changing to responsive at exactly 768px width so I put that in code Smile
Wow, thanks. YOu've not only helped me with this specific problem, but demonstrated how to use the CSS to do similar things. I really appreciate it.
No problem Smile

If you need to inspect anything, you can use browser inspector (I'm using Firefox now on Ubuntu and Chrome on windows and they are great). Just press ctrl+shift+i or ctrl+shift+c and it will open. So just click at element you wanna see and on the left side you have html and on right css which is affecting chosen element.

Now only add code to css. You can see how it will look live if when you are still in inspector change from inspector to code editor. Here you have whole css file and just put code here. So that's exactly how it will work on site too.

Pretty cool and simple.