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Full Version: 1.8.14 Thumbnails Not Rebuilding
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Have two or 3 posts up with attachments on a fairly new forum while thumb size was at default of 96 x 96.

So, I want to increase those thumbs in the posts already made.

1. Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > Attachments, changed "Attached Thumbnail Maximum Height" to 400, and changed "Attached Thumbnail Maximum Width" to 400.

2. Tools and Maintenance > Recount & Rebuild > Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails. Left it on default 20, hit Go. It said successful. I reload the post with the attachment thumbs, they are still 96x96. I run again, with just 1 for the Data Entries Per Page, hit Go. Look at post, same thing, thumbs are still 96x96.

Thought I was doing it right, or do I need to ftp in and delete the smaller thumbs first and then do the rebuild? If not, any ideas?
(01-24-2018, 05:23 AM)Skirmy Wrote: [ -> ]Look at post, same thing, thumbs are still 96x96.

Do you just reload the post (F5) or you clear the cache (Ctrl + F5)?